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Xeriscape Design for Residential and Commercial Properties in San Antonio, Texas

Xeriscaping is a growing trend in San Antonio. Low-maintenance landscaping and drought-tolerant plants are essential due to increasing water shortage.

PDS LawnCare LLC is a specialist in providing a colorful, low-maintenance and drought-resistant xeriscape.

We can help you reach your aesthetic and water conservation goals by incorporating drip irrigation in your system.

Our company is able to create stunning landscapes that are both sustainable and low-maintenance. We draw on our decades of experience and deep knowledge of different landscaping techniques to create our client’s desired landscape. We recommend xeriscaping as one of the best landscaping techniques. This technique has the main goal of dramatically reducing water consumption, without compromising the softscape elements' health or the aesthetic appeal of the landscaped area. We not only have the technical expertise, but we also develop a plan that will help you achieve this type of landscape. Call our hotline to get a beautiful xeriscaped property.

No matter what the project cost or the recommended landscape elements, every client we serve will receive a professionally xeriscaped outdoor. Call us to see a complete list of past clients in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. They were all very satisfied with our personalized xeriscape designs. Many property owners choose Xeriscaping because of its many benefits. This type of landscaping is requested by many homeowners and commercial property owners. For a cost estimate, call us right away.

The Right Approach to Xeriscaping in San Antonio, TX

Xeriscaping can be a complex job and requires a lot of experience. Only a handful of contractors are qualified to work on this type of project in Texas. Make sure you hire the right contractor. We are experts in this area and can help you create an attractive outdoor space. Our system will transform your backyard from a barren area into a beautifully landscaped space. This is done by focusing on three main elements of xeriscaping. These essential landscape elements are plants and trees, mulch and compost, and gravel and rocks.

  • Plants & Trees. PDS LawnCare LLC uses native plants with xeriscaping projects. Native plants can withstand drought so there is no need to worry about expensive irrigation or costly maintenance. Our experts can also help you design a garden that reduces water consumption by grouping plants that have similar water requirements.
  • Mulch & Compost. Mulch and compost are essential for any xeriscaping project. Mulch acts as an effective barrier to help retain soil moisture. Mulch is rich in nutrients, so synthetic fertilizers can be avoided. Mulch can be used to make your landscape more vibrant and attractive. There are many options for mulches that are eco-friendly, such as pine straw and wood chips. For dry and barren soils, compost is highly recommended.
  • Gravel & Rock. These aggregates make great materials for your landscaping. Gravel and rocks are essential materials for any xeriscaping job. These stones can be used in some garden designs, such as Zen gardens, as accents and primary design elements. To give you a unique landscape setting, we make sure they are correctly applied and placed in the right places.

You can reach out to us to find out more about our xeriscape service. We want to bring San Antonio native landscaping options to your property for it to look great and be beneficial for the city. No matter what your ideas are, our experts will provide the best result for your property.

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