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Lawn Weed Control Service in San Antonio, Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent

It can be hard to manage weeds alone, given the variety of weeds and their different growing conditions. Our local experts can identify the weeds that pose a problem and help you with it. PDS LawnCare LLC designs an effective treatment plan to eliminate them. These services are available in the San Antonio, TX and neighboring areas.

Why Lawn Weed Control is Important for a Healthy Yard in the San Antonio Area

In addition to ruining your otherwise beautiful, healthy landscape, weeds can also cause many problems. Weeds can eat up valuable nutrients and space that grass requires to grow strong, healthy, and resistant to disease.

There may be many types of weeds that you see on your lawn. These weeds usually fall under two categories: broadleaf and sylvia weeds. There are many broadleaf weeds that you may recognize, including wild violet and dandelions. However, grassy weeds can be difficult to identify because they look similar to normal grasses and grow in the same conditions. You can further categorize weeds by their growth pattern: perennials and annuals. Perennials are able to grow year after season. Annual weeds do not last more than one year. They can return season after season so it is important to remove all roots.

PDS LawnCare LLC of San Antonio, TX has the resources and tools to tackle both perennial and annual weeds. We will assess your yard and create a lawn weed control program to keep it healthy. A healthy lawn can make your property more valuable and be a benefit for the environment.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control Services in San Antonio

It is best to stop weed invasions before they can spread and establish roots. PDS LawnCare LLC provides pre-emergent services to protect your lawn from a variety of weeds. This service includes preventative treatments in late-winter/early fall and early spring. Pre-emergent treatments in the late winter/early Spring are crucial to get ahead of spring weeds. Post-emergent control must be used once temperatures rise and weeds start to emerge. Pre-emergent treatments protect grass from invasive weeds and keep it healthy. This prevents weed growth before the seeds have a chance to take root. Pre-emergent weed management begins with an assessment of your lawn, and any potential weed threats. Our specialists are familiar with the unique soil conditions and factors that can lead to weed infestation in San Antonio, TX. Our knowledge and experience allow us to create a weed treatment plan for your lawn.

How to Solve Weed Growth in Your San Antonio, TX Lawn

Homeowners and gardeners have struggled to keep their lawns weed-free for years. There are always weeds out there that can take nutrients from your garden. You might find that your plants do not grow faster than the weeds in dry Texas conditions.

It is important to know which weeds are growing in your garden before you begin any type of treatment to determine which strategy is most effective to get rid of them.

Pre-emergent herbicides can be used to prevent weeds growing most of the time. This should be done in August or September. Contact herbicides are more effective against broadleaf weeds. You can eliminate the grass you don't want in your garden by using weed control products with sethoxydim ingredient.

Winter weeds on the other side, however, will produce seeds in the middle of the calendar year, from September to March. The herbicide will not kill the seeds if you apply it too late. We recommend that you begin pulling as many weeds as possible. Hand-pulling does not require any special tools or products. It is an effective and efficient method you should still try. You can then mow your lawn after hand-pulling to get rid of unwanted plants.

Rescue grass, an exotic plant imported to Texas, is used for livestock grazing. It continues to reseed after winter, which can be a problem as it can cause damage to other plants in your garden. You can mow rescue grass if found in your lawn so that it doesn't affect your yard during winter. Some San Antonio, TX residents even have the grass planted on their lawns. It can become very coarse in March and April, when it starts to produce seed.

Bedstraw is another popular weed in San Antonio. It is similar to rescue grass and is useful as well. This is what many homes use to stuff their mattresses. It grows above plants where it seeds are. You can either use a steel mower or pull it by hand to remove this weed. You can use these sticky vines for your compost.

Texas dandelion is a common plant in Texas, particularly in San Antonio. Its yellow flower is very similar to common dandelion, but it isn't as golden. These two types can be pulled by hand, unless the soil is dry and compacted.

It can be difficult to know what to do if you have weeds in the yard. Calling experts in weed management is the best way to get rid of these unwanted plants permanently. Call PDS LawnCare LLC of San Antonio, TX today for a quote on weed control.

Our Lawn Weed Control Services in San Antonio

The first step in lawn weed control is to identify the types of weeds that are invading your lawn. An effective lawn weed control plan can be created once these weeds have been identified. PDS LawnCare LLC can assist you in identifying these invasive weeds. We also offer weed control services that will control all types and species. These are some of the more common weeds that we can help with:

  • Grassy Weeds: Include weeds like crabgrass, goose grass, and yellow foxtail. These weeds are common in most yards since they like the same conditions as your lawn.
  • Broadleaf Weeds: Include thistles, dandelions, wild violets, and clovers. This type of weed has wide leaves and produce flowers.
  • Warm-Season Weeds: Include crabgrass, spurge and nutsedge. This type of weed flourishes in the summer heat.
  • Cool-Season Weeds: Include dandelions, chickweed and white clover. This type of weed flourishes in the cooler seasons of spring and fall.
  • Annual Weeds: Include crabgrass and foxtail. These pesky weeds can sprout 4-5 times before they die off naturally at the end of their yearly growing cycle.
  • Perennial Weeds: Include quackgrass, bindweed and nutsedge. This type of weed comes back each year unless it is treated or removed.

Sometimes, simply pulling the weeds from the ground is not enough. There is always a chance of future regrowth if a little bit of the root remains in the soil. Pre-emergent treatments are helpful in preventing weed growth. PDS LawnCare LLC has the expertise to ensure that your lawn is beautiful, weed-free, and envy-worthy.

Weed control facts in San Antonio, Texas

How often to get weed control?

Here are the most common schedules in San Antonio:

Bi-weekly weed control - 3%
Every 3 weeks weed control - 2%
Monthly weed control - 76%
Lawns with sentient, killer weeds - 0

How are weed control prices in San Antonio?

Prices vary depending on the size of the area to be treated and frequency of your service. Here are some average prices for homes in San Antonio:

Average weed control price - $56 Average size of area treated - 4,694 sq. ft. A weed-free lawn's value - Priceless

Although the frequency of lawn cuttings will vary from one property to another, it is recommended that you maintain your grass at a regular rate. Too many cuts can shock the plants and cause bald patches or unhealthy grass. PDS LawnCare LLC recommends weekly or bi-weekly mowing to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

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