#1 Sod Installation San Antonio, Texas

We provide high-quality sod installation at affordable prices. You can trust us to deliver quality products and services that meet your needs.

Sod Installation San Antonio Texas

Sod Installation San Antonio, Texas

Bradley Landscaping can install different kinds of sod grass species. We provide high-quality sod installation at affordable prices in San Antonio, TX. You can trust us to deliver quality products and services that meet your needs. Our team has many years of experience working alongside quality sod suppliers in San Antonio. Our sod providers must be reliable and offer a wide range of grasses to ensure premium sod. There will be no pest or weed infestation.

Our Sod Installation Process

When it comes to providing sod solutions for our clients, we are professional and efficient. An expert in sod installation will inspect and assess your property to find the best solution for you. We evaluate the sun/shade ratio of your lawn to determine the best type of sod for you and provide an estimate on the cost.

We will work within your financial budget to provide the best sod solutions for your space. We also deliver and install your sod at a time and place that suits you. We will remove any existing grass or weed and mark the locations of existing sprinkler heads. To promote healthy root growth, our professional installers will loosen the soil first. After your lawn is prepared, our professional will install your sod in a manner that promotes root contact and smooth finishes for your final lawn. Finally, we will test your sprinkler system and give watering instructions to ensure that your new lawn blooms.

Trust the Experts to the Install!

PDS LawnCare LLC is different from other Landscape Installers. We don't just Weed-Eat the old turf and put new Sod on top. Our extensive process was developed by top Landscaping Experts, we can remove existing grass/weeds, complete removal, ground tilling w/ professional machinery, add starter fertilizers, organic topsoil, address drainage issues, ground preparation & leveling, sod rolling, proper watering and more! We do the right job!

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A new lawn can be as easy to maintain as a completely maintenance-free garden. It is easy to clean your lawn and remove weeds with a leaf rake, or a garden brush. This will allow you to spend more time in your garden, and less time on maintenance.

You can enjoy a beautiful lawn year-round with our grass installation service. It is ideal for those who don't have the time or have the desire to maintain a lush green lawn but are unable to do so.

Install Sod, Soil, and Seeds in Days

PDS LawnCare LLC is committed to providing only the highest quality sod and grass, along with its exceptional service. The design and installation team will find the right solution for you. We are known for our unrivaled customer service, superior quality, and unparalleled value. We only use the best quality products to give you a lawn that looks natural and will last for many years.

Installed Sod – Save Time And Money

Our service will not disappoint. You are rest assured that your lawn will look great no matter what the weather is. PDS LawnCare LLC ensures that every job is completed on time and that every customer is completely satisfied. We provide excellent service from the first meeting to the final completion of your project. A quality installation is crucial to achieve the best appearance possible and prolong your grass's life expectancy.

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